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  1. cosopt

    cosopt Board Administrator Team Drakensang Online

    Hallo Helden von Dracania,

    Wie bereits hier angekündigt, exstiert kürzlich ein frei zugänglicher Discord-Server für das Spiel 'Drakensang Online'.

    Im Rahmen der dortigen Bedingungen wird es wiederkehrende Frage-&-Antwort-Runden zwischen Spieler und Entwicklern geben:

    • For a specific timeframe we will invite a limited amount of Players into this channel to ask questions!
    • (Selected) Players will receive the "Wisdom" role to be able to ask questions in here, once the session is over, the role will be removed again!
    • The time and date will be announced in advance!
    • These Q&A sessions will happen on a regular basis!
    Nachfolgend das Protokoll von der heutigen Sitzung auf Englisch:

    • Q: "What news can we expect from upcoming events such as: anniversary event and haunted sewers?"
    A: "Anniversary Event: With this iteration of the Anniversary Event, we will
    introduce the multiple progress bar feature to the event. By doing that, we will
    "split" the Anniversary Arena into themed arenas (such as Duria, Dragan or
    Halloween). This approach makes it more comfortable to gather progress for a
    specific progress bar of the event, but please note that you will still have to clear
    the progress bars in a row, e.g. starting with Duria>Norselands etc. Additionally,
    we will reintroduce the unique gems with the Anniversary Event. We will
    transform the existing unique gems (e.g. Dragans Onyx Skull) to fit to our new
    framework which is using rarities for gems. More details follow!" Haunted Sewers
    Event: The sewers are about to be expanded into several directions. First of all,
    we will add a new dungeon and a second boss. Some of you might have seen the
    boss already a while ago when it was shown in a video. It's a monstrous eye
    which lives deep down in the sewers. Additionally, the event will provide new
    pets that fit to the topic and new equipment, which will also change a skill of
    each class to fit to the poison theme of the event. New runes are also about to
    come with this event. More details follow!

    • Q: Are the new drop rates for yarn scaling with difficuly or they are 1 per inf mode . So yoi just need to go inf mode
    A: The drop for Yarn will not be increased by difficulty, but the drop chances will
    be higher depending on the difficulty

    • Q: can you reveal to us the stats of the new cloaks?
    A: I assume you mean the new unique cloaks. We cannot reveal the stats yet, but
    can tell you a couple of effects that will be on the cloaks. The unique effects of
    the cloaks will be based on your character skills. For example you have a chance
    to shoot 2 fireballs instead of one as a mage or you summon allies when using
    the banner of war as a dragonknight

    • Q: whats about your planning transmogrification? many players dont even know what is it
    A: The transmog in DSO will be similar to other games. It will be a way of
    customizing your character's look. This will be possible by changing the
    appearance of items and their colors. So for example you can have a helmet that
    looks like the dragan helmet but your actual item is a legendary helmet

    • Q: Would you create separate cloaks for Dragan and Black Widow? Or just leave Dragan's Battleworn Cloak. Also would you create cloaks for each event boss like Kranparus, Big Paws (Winter Festival Bag), Bloodmage etc?
    A: There will be most likely no seperate cloaks for dragan and the widow in the
    near future. And yes, we are planning on creating new cloaks for event bosses
    too (or upgrade the current ones), but this will happen after all the other boss
    cloaks have been released

    • Q: Hey, are there some mounts/costumes planned in the upcoming future and are you having a little tease for us?
    A: We will definitely introduce new mounts and costumes in the future. We're
    open for suggestions, so feel to use the feedback-suggestions channel in discord
    for your input

    • Q: And sargon? When will you return to the lands of Dracania? Could you give us some info?
    A: The legend of Sargon is not told completely, yet. Nothing more to say at this
    point in time
    • Q: do you have plans to make lightning reduction pet( since some ppl use lightning) even tho only mages use it m we have poison reduction pet that only rangers can use
    A: we are not planning on introducing pets from which buffs/debuffs only one
    class benefits from

    • Q: Would we be able to use old uniques for transmog?
    A: Yes that will be possible, so you should probably hold on to items that you like
    visually. It might however happen that not all skins will be available at the
    release of transmog.

    • Q: What about the new class instead? Mentioned many years ago? Will it ever come?
    A: it was mentioned during a live stream from a former CM I guess and it maybe
    was true during that time but as nothing happend since then you can't expect it
    to come now.

    • Q: Once there is every Month one big Event, what big event is planed for July. Personal question tho i have 2 weeks vaction ;D
    A: Soon players will be able to know which events will be coming soon by having
    a look at the ingame event scheduler that is part of the event window rework

    • Q: Any small spoilers about the event win the invincible?
    A: I presume you mean the defeat the undefeatables event? We will exchange
    the rewards you get in the progress bars (mounts/costumes/emotes/colors, etc.)
    so players have something new to strive for and add some new stuff which is a
    surprise :crown:

    • Q: don't you think that the draken reward from event are too small?
    A: We're always evaluating the drop ratios of our currencies and we're happy to
    look into the Draken drops for the future events. If we come to the conclusion
    that the ratio is not accurate anymore, we're open to adjust it.

    • Q: Besides the given Topics, I couldn't resist, did you considered to establish a dungeon- based on a tower with almost infinite () floors? I think running from A-B is nice and so but sometimes we all just wanna slay some mass of monsters
    A: Currently nothing like an endless dungeon is planned for the near future

    • Q: Will you rework the Winter event?
    A: We will definitely rework the Solstice Festival and same goes for the Ghost
    Festival. While we're not reworking them 100%, we will consider to add new
    challenges (e.g. new areas to explore) and rewards. Again, if you have any
    suggestion, feel free to drop us a line in the right chat.

    • Q: Have you ever tought of changing any skills that have no incentive to be ued because the reward- risk of that skill is not worth it. Like destruction, hunting trap or Dwarfs explosive bombs
    A: As you know, we've changed many parameters of the skills which the class
    balancing release (when we also introduced group talents, for example). And
    while we're not planning to change skills drastically in the near future, we're
    planning to introduce new cloaks that will also change the effect of skills. That
    being said, it's definitely possible that the mentioned skills will be much more
    attractive :smiley:

    • Q: why Q are so difficult:)?
    A: It's end game ("high player") content

    • Q: Will there be Runes/Gems that have "special" effects? For example modifying a unique skill, like its planned for the cloaks^^
    A: Yes and no. Some of them will and some won ́t. But for example there will be
    one which influences the set bonus of an existing event set.

    Q: So you've done a lot about scaling dungeons recently. For example the Big game hunt or the teased cloaks, which will (afaik) available in the scaling dungeons. Will there be updates on the pw as well, furthermore than Q10?

    A: New PW chunks are in the development pipeline but will take some more time as we are focussing on other topics at the Moment
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